Going through Mins Management for your projects will allow you to have an intermediary between them and your agency. Using our data tools and our platform, our experts follow you in your project from A to Z.
Whether you’re hosting an exclusive party, staging a product launch or simply wanting to inject some glamour to an otherwise ordinary event, call our experienced celebrity booking agents now to find out who’s IN and who’s OUT.
When booking a celebrity for an event, as a buyer you have made the decision to take the corporate, private or public event to the next level. Celebrities are integral fixtures in American society and offer live events an extra level of excitement and class. Whether you are booking a reality TV star, a world-famous actor, or even a sports legend a celebrity host can ensure your event as one that will be memorable and enthralling.
There are many options in booking talent, and we are glad that you have chosen us to book a celebrity host and can guarantee that in doing so you will be provided with the most exciting and entertaining talent available to any buyer in the world. The process in booking a celebrity consists of first sending an official offer to an experienced agent at Mins Management.
Types of bookings we specialize in:

  • Celebrities Booking
  • Concerts & Music Events
  • Social Media Projects
  • Public Figures
  • Live Performances
  • Appearances
  • Recording Artists
  • Fundraising events
  • Private Events

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